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“I am an Imam who regularly deals with Muslims and non-Muslims alike who ask important and tough questions. I took Daniel Haqiqatjou's course in New Jersey and benefitted from it in a number of ways. Firstly, it enhanced my Islamic knowledge by supplying me with contextual and intellectually stimulating explanations for a number of commonly misunderstood aspects of our Deen. Second, this course gave me a better understanding of the philosophies and ideologies that shape the post-modern world view, thereby giving me the ability to answer questions with increased empathy. Additionally, this well-cited course equipped me with a substantial amount of articles, books, studies and other material for my reference and further research. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking intellectual fulfillment in a climate where confusion is rampant. This course is the result of 10+ years of research and hard work and Brother Daniel presents it all to us in an organized, easy to understand fashion. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala reward him and accept his efforts.”

Mufti Idris (Scholar & Imam)

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend this course. The content was so relevant to our life and addressed topics I personally struggle with as a practicing Muslim. Ustadh Daniel presented the ideas clearly and helped me realize the ugly history and hypocrisy of ideas and terms we've been spoon-fed to accept as ultimate truths in our modern times. I left this course ever-so-much more confident of the superior truth of Islam and better equipped to critically and confidently separate and protect myself from ideas detrimental to my faith.”

Mariam A. (Parent and Student of Knowledge)

“I just wanted to say may Allah bless Brother Daniel with the best of this world and the next! Among many influencers in my life, Brother Daniel has been instrumental in making me realize how aligned my thinking was with this unhealthy feminist way of thinking, and how I was slowly starting to fade out the traditional (original) message and understanding of the Quran for a new washed up one that conforms to today's social norms. I am a Hafiz and recently became a certified Qari and I cannot tell you how much I have in my heart for Br. Daniel and what he's done for me as someone who loves the Quran. His unapologetic way of speaking empowered me to question myself and the modern narrative that people are trying to force onto our understanding of the Quran. May Allah give him more knowledge and wisdom to continue his great work and benefit the Ummah.”

Haris A. (Qari, Student of Knowledge)

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  • Modernity and Progressivism

  • Answering Atheism

  • Evolution and Islam

  • Proving the Truth of Islam

  • Materialism and Scientific Dogmatism

  • Liberalism and Secularism

  • Colonial History in the Muslim World

  • The History and Moral Philosophy of Slavery

  • Feminism and Women's Rights

  • The Sexual Revolution and LGBT Rights

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