You're not alone.

Many Muslims have no idea where to begin with the marriage process. 

They might know the basics about halal and haram, but they don't know HOW. 

They want PRACTICAL advice about how to find a great spouse in this day and age and get happily married.

This Is Much More Than a Marriage Course

Learn Why the Islamic Way to Marry Is the Best Way

Modern society tempts Muslims with dating, hook-ups, and hypersexuality. To some Muslims, the Islamic approach to love and marriage seems outdated and impractical in comparison.

In Match Made in Janna, students learn the truth behind these modern dating practices and why Islam provides a better way...Actually, the BEST way.

Is This Course for You?

Are you a single sister struggling to find someone special?

Are you a brother who doesn't know where to begin the search?

Are you a leader faced with a community marriage crisis?

Are you a mother or father trying to understand the current social context so you can help your child get married the right way?

Experienced Instructors

Husband and wife team -- Daniel Haqiqatjou and Umm Khalid -- co-teach this course to give both the brothers' and sisters' perspectives. They enrich the course with years of experience working with Muslim youth trying to get married as well as their own marriage story.

What to Expect from This Course

This in-depth course has everything you need to know on how to PRACTICALLY search for a great spouse and get married in a halal way.

  • 124 Video Lessons

  • Learn at Your Own Pace/Schedule

  • Nearly 20 Hours of Course Material

  • LIVE Q&A Office Hours with the Instructor

  • Great for Brothers, Sisters, and Parents

Reviews from Sisters and Brothers

"You Need This Course!"

"I just wanted you to know how immensely helpful the Match Made in Janna course was for me. May Allah reward you and your family tremendously!"

"This course is UNIQUE. I haven't seen any course similar to this available online."

"This is very beneficial for Muslims all over the world."

"First of all, Jazakullahukhair for putting together this fantastic course. The thing that stood out the most for me as someone on my search was the Real Talk modules that were very impactful. I had made a decision on a woman who I found attractive, yet looking at the Real Talk modules and the general content, especially in Step 3, really helped me. I believe it really allowed me to move away from the haraam and helped me think more about my decision of making that girl my wife."

"By far the BEST, MOST thorough course I've ever come across on ANY subject, let alone marriage."

"JazaakumAllahu khayran. This was an excellent and beautiful course, masha'Allah. Just some of the aspects I loved:
- Exceptionally thorough and deeply well thought-out and researched.
- Answers some very specific pressing questions and concerns.
- Presents and addresses the man's and woman's side of each issue.
- Balanced (e.g. in weighing out Deen with the practical and material)
- Realistic and saying it like it is, but also positive and tactful.
- Tying everything to Eman and faith in Allah.
- One of my favourite segments was the Bonus Info's Real Talk
- Enjoyable!"

"What I really appreciated learning was the compatibility criteria such as understanding my priorities and preferences, her parents, red flags, deal-breakers and character flaws I am willing to tolerate. This helped flush out what I really wanted to look for in a spouse. Previously, I had just surface level wants and needs. Now I feel like I am well prepared in my search."

"Masha'Allah the course was very detailed and provided practical steps on how to approach the entire process. I for one feel much more confident to approach the marriage process after listening to this series. May Allah reward your efforts! "

"YES , super relevant to our modern times and not often spoken about in the Muslim community. The ummah needs to wake up and get back on track by implementing all of this truthful information."

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Course Curriculum

124 Video Lessons: Everything You Need to Know

  • 1


    • Important Course Download!

    • Questions about the Marriage Process

    • What Makes This Course Different

    • The 5 Steps to Getting Married

    • The Place of Love in Islam

    • Keep These Themes in Mind!

    • Intro Quiz

  • 2

    Our Courtship Story

    • Part 1: If At First You Don't Succeed...

    • Part 2: ...Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

  • 3

    The Truth About Dating and Hook Ups

    • The Shocking History of Dating

    • Are Modern Women REALLY Empowered?

    • How Dating Destroys Women

    • A Tragic Story: When "Gaining Experience" Is BAD

    • The Non-Glamorous Side of Dating They Don't Tell You About

    • How Islam Saves Us from the Catastrophe of Hook Up Culture

    • Sexuality and Freedom

    • How Dating Harms Men in Non-Muslim Society

    • Feminists, Players, and "The Game"

    • Dating Quiz

  • 4

    Step 1: Am I Ready for Marriage?

    • Three MUST-ASK Questions Before Starting the Marriage Process

    • Three Traps to Avoid at All Costs

    • Three Crucial Relationships

    • Three Crucial Relationships (Continued)

    • REAL TALK: Marriage will be a fairy tale, right? RIGHT?

    • As a Man, Can You Afford a Wife?

    • As a Woman, Can You Afford a Husband?!

    • REAL TALK: I'm a 25 year old Muslima. Should I prioritize getting married?

    • REAL TALK: I'm worried about prioritizing marriage over education/career

    • REAL TALK: I'm a careerwoman AND I want to get married!

    • REAL TALK: As a man, should I prioritize career?

    • How Do I Know I'm Ready for Marriage?

    • REAL TALK: Is there one simple rule for knowing when I'm ready for marriage?

    • REAL TALK: As a man, how can I be sure I'm ready?

    • What Can Parents Do to Help Their Kids Get Ready for Marriage?

    • REAL TALK: My parents don't agree with me getting married. Now what?

    • Parents with Teens: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

    • Parents with Teens: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

    • Step 1 In Practice

  • 5

    Step 2: What Should I Look for in a Potential Spouse?

    • Pick the Best Mother/ Father for Your Children

    • How Feminism Can Undermine Your Search

    • Understanding Gender Roles: Islam vs. Feminism

    • The Three Main Areas to Evaluate

    • Evaluating Deen

    • Modesty and Men

    • Modesty and Women

    • A Return to Modesty

    • Evaluating Character: Doing the Right Thing

    • Evaluating Personality: What's Compatibility?

    • Personality Traits

    • Personality Traits (cont.)

    • REAL TALK: I want to marry someone good-looking. Should I be ashamed of myself?

    • What Should Muslim Men Look For?

    • Is Attractiveness an Important Factor for Men?

    • REAL TALK: What are RED FLAGS brothers should look out for?

    • REAL TALK: What are RED FLAGS sisters should look out for?

    • REAL TALK: As a Muslima, can my expectations for a potential husband be too high?

    • REAL TALK: Some guys have excessively high standards...

    • REAL TALK: Can inter-cultural marriages work?

    • Potential Pitfalls of Inter-Cultural Marriage

    • REAL TALK: As a Muslim man, should I consider marrying Ahl al-Kitab?

    • Good Person, Bad Family

    • Step 2 In Practice

  • 6

    Step 3: How to Search for Your Dream Girl/Guy

    • Two Routes for Searching

    • The Truth About "Arranged Marriages"

    • But Are "Arranged Marriages" Successful?

    • Arranged Marriage in Practice

    • Do You Need to be in Love Before Getting Married?

    • The "Hookup Aunty": How to Work the Aunty Network

    • Getting Help from Parents: The Good, the Bad, the UGLY

    • The Imam at the Masjid

    • The MSA/ISOC: A Golden Opportunity?

    • REAL TALK: The best way to get to know someone before marriage is to be best friends with them, right?

    • Opportunities Through Friends, Workplace, or Volunteering

    • What to Look Out for at Conventions

    • Top 10 Tips for Using Marriage Apps and Websites

    • REAL TALK: "Arranged marriage" feels too business-like!

    • REAL TALK: The Muslim Marriage System Is BROKEN!!!

    • How Much Looking Is Allowed?

    • REAL TALK: I'm in a haram relationship already!

    • Some Final Tips

    • Step 3 In Practice

  • 7

    Step 4: How to Express Interest

    • Three Common Scenarios for Women

    • Making the First Move: How Can Sisters Approach Good Brothers for Marriage?

    • Sisters: Others Can Help You

    • Let Them Down Easy

    • What About Guys Who Approach You with Bad Intentions?

    • Slide Into the DMs: What About Social Media?

    • How Men Can "Pop the Question"

    • REAL TALK: Is it legitimate to use social media to check out potentials?

    • A Concrete, Step-By-Step Game Plan for the Brothers

    • REAL TALK: Help! I have no wali!

    • Step 4 In Practice

  • 8

    Step 5: Courtship Explained

    • Courtship vs. Dating: What's the Difference?

    • Courtship in a Nutshell

    • Setting Up the Courtship Process

    • Marriage Talks: Questions to Ask

    • REAL TALK: There is too much pressure for guys to perform

    • Ladies and Gentlemen: Proper Gender Etiquette in Courtship

    • How Long Is Too Long for Courtship?

    • Do You Have to Fall in Love Before Deciding to Marry?

    • REAL TALK: Do I need to love someone before deciding to marry him/her?

    • Meeting of the Souls: Is This Your Match?

    • What If You Accept and Someone Better Comes Along?

    • Is He/She LYING to You?!

    • REAL TALK: But how can you REALLY know a person?

    • Background Check: How to Get Effective References

    • REAL TALK: How do I know that I know enough to make a decision??

    • Three Possible Outcomes After Talking

    • Decision Time!


    • REAL TALK: The Bride To Be (Or Her Family) Is Asking for a HUUGE Mahr

    • Is There Engagement in Islam?

    • Logistics at the End of the Courtship

    • Dear Parents, Please Make Your Kid's Marriage Easy!

    • A Final Note for Step 5

    • Step 5 In Practice

  • 9

    Bonus Info

    • REAL TALK: NO ONE wants to marry me!!!

    • What Does "Settling" Mean?

    • When Should You "Settle"?

    • What If Your Parents Are Being Overly Difficult?

    • Different Models of Muslim Marriage

    • What Is Istikhara? Does It Involve Dreams?

    • Purpose of Engagement Before Marriage in Islam

    • Quick Note on Muslim Match-Making Websites

  • 10


    • Approach Marriage as You Would Approach Life as a Whole

    • A Final Note and Dua

    • Before you go...

  • 11



    • Survey

    • Survey Backup [If form does not load]

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