Students Agree: Alasna's Courses are Transformative

"It made my iman grow! It is like I've finally understood why the Qu'ran is called Al-Furqan. Mind-blowing!"

"I loved the entire course. Jazaka Allah Khairan, brother Daniel Haqiqatjou."

"The course made my husband and i switch from 'Qu'ran only', to the deep acceptance and understanding of the importance of tradition, scholars and Sunnah."

"I loved everything about Umm Khalid's course Alhmdulillah. What i liked the most is that whenever a question pops up in my mind, the very next moment i get its answer because it was beautifully and intelligently arranged to cater the question one could come up with. SubhanAllah."

"The thing I will take from this course is we have to anchor ourselves in our scholarly consensus. And the other thing is we have to be skeptical of the Modernist claim(s)."

"I loved absolutely all of it! Daniel is a great teacher and he is pretty smart."

"I really loved the simplicity of the explanations and exposing the current indoctrination by modernism."

"Daniel managed to simplify complex ideas without going into over-simplification. Well done!"

"Well explained. Easy to listen to. Fascinating topics."

"This course allows for one to see the entire picture of what is going on in the world today. It gives the Muslims tools on how to build a fortress around their mind and then how to maintain that fortress so that the enemy cannot penetrate."

"I love the method, sincerely. I like the approach where we get to see the problems to its core (the roots)."

"I loved how this just changed my way of viewing Liberalism, modernity, progressivism etc more than just labels. I was naive to think these are just harmless labels rather than dangerous ideas with an agenda behind them, but this course showed me just how harmful and malicious these ideas are to Islam."

"Puts forward some very important principles for Muslims in current times."

"My English is not excellent (level B1) but I still understood everything even though I needed to look up for some words sometimes. Everything is explained very clearly. Since I can spend a little time daily for the course, it's good to see the courses are in segments of few minutes. The most importanent of all is that the course explains that the modern way thinking is just another ideology and not the peak of reasoning/intelligence in the human history such as they claim which destroys the inferiority complex some people like me have unfortunately living in the west (Netherlands) and being seen as backwards and irrational."

"Daniel's approach to the solving issue of doubts coming from Modernism is novel and I think more Muslims need to adopt this approach."

"Alasna cleared my minds of some conflicts in my mind about Islam and Modern World beliefs."

"Everything in the course was amazing."

"The course is well organized. I have come to know a lot of things which were unknown to me before. I have loved the way Daniel has explained certain topics."

"Godless Creeds: The Birth and Death of Atheism was honestly my favourite course out of all of them and is really a game changer."

"The courses cover in-depth topics that Muslims have not covered before that I know of."

"Phenomenal brother, your piece by piece takedown of arguments that would have definitely shaken my faith in the past was extremely beneficial."

"What I loved: The quality of the arguments presented, the structure of the course, the deconstruction of western arguments using reason and logic instead of dogma."

"Mashallah brother Daniel you're creating great content and you're helping me understand a lot of what's happening around me. It's not even just about my religion, but also about understanding the political implications of western values in my country (Morocco). May Allah bless you!"

"After taking this course, I believe I'm able to respond and defend the honor of our Prophet (saaws) from those who attack using his marriage to our mother, Aisha. I like how you've proven with evidence the western approach when it comes to what they think is best for children, but in fact; their way is very harmful. This leaves me with the attitude, how dare they impose on Muslims their evil and corruption and demand we conform. Likewise, what is wrong with us, why can't we understand, and stand firm with confidence in the truth that Allah revealed. Insha Allah with this newfound perspective I am confident in my ability to challenge those who seek to harm us with their tongue."

"I love that the course builds upon a foundation of not being apologetic. It really opened my eyes to the brainwashing I’ve received growing up in the west. The arguments presented strengthened my convictions."

"The approach of ustath Daniel was very powerful and eye-opening, especially because every critique was addressed from it's roots and in a way I've never seen before. Barak Allah fikum!"

"Alhmdulillah i loved everything about this coarse. What it made me learn is that we muslims should stop being apologetic instead should be skeptical of what is being said against islam and about the doubts we face in this modern world. JazakAmullah khair for this eye opening coarse."

"I loved how you were very knowledgeable about the topic and were able to ground it historically and contextually. I think this course will be very helpful for someone experiencing doubts regarding the issue."

"Thank you Ustadh for the courses. I have started a new 30 mins weekly session at my house with wife and teenagers with your latest course on Science and Islam. All of us watch your course, do exercises, and engage in a lively discussion with pros and cons of your arguments."

"I think the quality of the material is outstanding and the course is unique in a lot of ways. It helps me a lot to take a step back and think about why we think the way we do. Jazaka allah khayr!"

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