"This Course Saved My Marriage!"

For women and men

This is a course for Muslim women and men who want to understand the meaning and practice of traditional wifehood in order to have successful marriages.

Geared toward re-training ourselves mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically to understand marriage in the traditional Islamic sense as something necessary, beautiful, and aspirational.

Course Format

  • Lecture

    12 Units (2-4 hours each) delivered by Umm Khalid.

  • Q&A

    FAQ Sessions where Umm Khalid addresses common concerns.

  • Discussion

    Access to discussion forum to share thoughts and ideas with other students.


Classes are dedicated to the following topics.

  • The Islamic Marriage Model

  • Gender Roles

  • Defining Femininity and Masculinity

  • What Is Love According to Islam

  • Communication

  • Fights and Disagreements

  • Agreeableness

  • The Working Wife

  • Motherhood

  • Children and Tarbiya


Umm Khalid

Senior Instructor

Umm Khalid was born in Egypt but moved to the US at a young age. She completed memorization of the Quran early in life and then attended Harvard University for her undergraduate studies. She studied Anthropology with a regional focus on the Middle East and graduated with honors. She has served as campus chaplain at a women's college in New England while teaching Quranic recitation. Umm Khalid is the mother of four children whom she home schools using a curriculum she personally developed, focusing on Islamic tarbiya and inculcating strong convictions for young children. Umm Khalid offers courses on marriage, youth development, home schooling, tarbiya, and more.