"This Course Saved My Marriage!"

For women and men

This is a course for Muslim women and men who want to understand the meaning and practice of traditional wifehood in order to have successful marriages.

Geared toward re-training ourselves mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically to understand marriage in the traditional Islamic sense as something necessary, beautiful, and aspirational.

Course Format

  • Lecture

    12 Units (2-4 hours each) delivered by Umm Khalid.

  • Q&A

    FAQ Sessions where Umm Khalid addresses common concerns.

  • Discussion

    Access to discussion forum to share thoughts and ideas with other students.

Student Reviews

“There's so much I LOVED I don't know where to begin, this by far the best course I have ever come across, I have tried studying all these topics in other places but the amount of detail covered on all topics in this course is above any other courses I've taken and I have already recommended this course to many people and will continue to do so. It will hopefully save my marriage. Jazak'Allahu khairan may Allah reward you immensely for this amazing work both in this world and the next Ameen.”

Umm A.

“JazakAllahu khair for this wonderful course. I really loved everything about it. Sister Umm Khalid is and thinks exactly like me only that she has way more knowledge and is very well in articulating everything perfectly, masha Allah. Allahumma barik. This was way more than I expected for this little of money in comparison. So much effort and research for a wonderful project with every important topic covered (or at least it feels like that). Thank you so much ustadha. You inspired me to be a better muslimah and gave me more tools of knowledge and wisdom for that. May Allah reward you with Jannat al-Firdaus for all that you do for the ummah and especially the sisters of this ummah. ”

Umm Ismail

“I loved the idea of starting the class with ayah from the quran, hadith and seerah... How all these are related to our lives... And specially the topic tenor of relationship... How you explained the words mawaddah rahmah sakeenah etc in the tenor of relationship... I absolutely loved the pregnancy and tarbiyah related parts related to the quran... And you brought your own experiences to help us understand certain things... Jazakallahu khair ”



Classes are dedicated to the following topics.

  • The Islamic Marriage Model

  • Gender Roles

  • Defining Femininity and Masculinity

  • What Is Love According to Islam

  • Communication

  • Fights and Disagreements

  • Agreeableness

  • The Working Wife

  • Motherhood

  • Children and Tarbiya


Umm Khalid

Senior Instructor

Umm Khalid was born in Egypt but moved to the US at a young age. She completed memorization of the Quran early in life and then attended Harvard University for her undergraduate studies. She studied Anthropology with a regional focus on the Middle East and graduated with honors. She has served as campus chaplain at a women's college in New England while teaching Quranic recitation. Umm Khalid is the mother of four children whom she home schools using a curriculum she personally developed, focusing on Islamic tarbiya and inculcating strong convictions for young children. Umm Khalid offers courses on marriage, youth development, home schooling, tarbiya, and more.