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Atheism, Secularism, Liberalism, Feminism, Evolution, Materialism

How can Islam be true when it contradicts the most widely accepted ideologies of the modern day? This is the question Muslims face on a daily basis. And some have reached a crisis of faith.

Let's face it. The apologetic, superficial answers aren't cutting it. Imagine if we could have a specialized training institute that educates Muslims on how to address doubts and how to gain real intellectual confidence and conviction in Islam. Imagine an institute that trains Muslims around the world with exactly the information and skills they need to be empowered in their faith and dawah.

This is what Alasna is.


This is what students have to say about our courses:

“I am an Imam who regularly deals with Muslims and non-Muslims alike who ask important and tough questions. I took Daniel Haqiqatjou's course in New Jersey and benefitted from it in a number of ways. Firstly, it enhanced my Islamic knowledge by supplying me with contextual and intellectually stimulating explanations for a number of commonly misunderstood aspects of our Deen. Second, this course gave me a better understanding of the philosophies and ideologies that shape the post-modern world view, thereby giving me the ability to answer questions with increased empathy. Additionally, this well-cited course equipped me with a substantial amount of articles, books, studies and other material for my reference and further research. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking intellectual fulfillment in a climate where confusion is rampant. This course is the result of 10+ years of research and hard work and Brother Daniel presents it all to us in an organized, easy to understand fashion. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala reward him and accept his efforts.”

Mufti Idris (Scholar and Imam)

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend this course. The content was so relevant to our life and addressed topics I personally struggle with as a practicing Muslim. Ustadh Daniel presented the ideas clearly and helped me realize the ugly history and hypocrisy of ideas and terms we've been spoon-fed to accept as ultimate truths in our modern times. I left this course ever-so-much more confident of the superior truth of Islam and better equipped to critically and confidently separate and protect myself from ideas detrimental to my faith.”

Mariam A. (Parent and Student of Knowledge)

“As academic as this course was, I was impressed by how deep of a spiritual impact it had. Muslims need to reclaim the intellectual confidence and pride in Islam that prompted our pious predecessors to take their religion seriously. This course was eye-opening. I would highly recommend it , especially to those who feel they would disagree with its content. Brother Daniel encouraged us to question and challenge any point we did not understand. This opportunity was rare and truly a blessing.”

Maryam (College Student)

“In the times we currently live in, the core foundations of our faith are being questioned at every turn. Without the proper tools to be able to identify and respond to doubts, it will be impossible for a Muslim to be intellectually fulfilled to the point of being confident in their faith. Taking Ustadh Daniel’s class gave me the tools necessary to deal with doubts that are raised against Islam in a systematic, logical, and effective way. Anyone who wants to be able to get deeper insights into the polemics raised against Islam and be able to deal with them effectively should sign up.”

Harun S. (Working Professional, Student of Knowledge)

“Thank you for dissecting and explaining these concepts to me and everyone else. Being a college student, the knowledge and the ability to really open my eyes to what is really going on in the world is invaluable.”

Yasin A. (College Student)

“JazakAllah khayr! This course was truly eye-opening and very motivating for me to enter the Islamic scholarly world.”

Muath (College Student)

“As an IB student that spends hours studying, I assure you that you will not find a class as interesting! Your time will be well-spent, I assure you! Daniel will elevate your iman. Through utilization of the ways of knowing reason, language, intuition, faith, emotion, and imagination, he opens your eyes to the strength you should stand with as a Muslim. He cares about ensuring everyone in the class is comfortable to address their questions by keeping the environment open for discussion. He incorporates history, science, ethics, and philosophy, and even mathematics to allow you to have a new perspective.”

Anonymous Sister (High School Student)

“Thank you for the most beneficial and helpful course I have ever taken. May Allah grant you success in spreading the truth!”

Jihad (College Student)

“Many Muslims today see Islam as the truth because their hearts have been convinced when they feel the sweetness of salah, or appreciate the beauty of the Quran. This is great, but often times they are lacking when it comes to convincing themselves, and others, intellectually. I feel this class, in addition to the Islam I accept in my heart, has also given me the confidence to fully accept Islam on the intellectual level. This class makes you realize just how indoctrinated we are to the point where we think our modern biases are part of our moral intuition, when Islam shows otherwise. ”

Muhammad (College Student)

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Our Approach: Holistic Empowerment

We Don't Just Give You the Answers. We Teach You How to Think.

  • Knowledge

    Through our courses, students understand at a deep level Modernism, Atheism, Liberalism, Feminism, Scientism, and all other ideologies attacking Islam. Students learn exactly how to refute them while rediscovering why Islam is more morally and intellectually compelling than any of these man-made ideologies: In short, why Islam is the truth!

  • Reasoning

    Our dedicated Reasoning courses equip students with the critical tools of logic they need to make and deconstruct arguments. Whether reasoning for Islam or analyzing complicated arguments against Islam, logic is a must. We live in a world full of competing claims. Muslims need the logical skills to be able to distinguish good arguments from bad ones, while identifying fallacies.

  • Skills

    Once students have mastered the Knowledge and Reasoning curricula, what is missing? The art of communication! Our comprehensive Skills courses train students on writing, debate, social media, and research methods. Whether one is a student, teacher, parent, or imam, effective communication is key to addressing doubts and pursuing dawah.

  • Family

    The future of the Ummah is family. How do we build strong, faithful families? Engaging courses teach students important practical topics on marriage, Islamic gender roles, raising strong children, and protecting your family from doubts and other modern challenges.

Our Instructors

Daniel Haqiqatjou

Founder & Director

Daniel Haqiqatjou (pronounced: Ha-qee-qat-joo) was born in Houston, Texas and comes from a liberal secular Muslim background. He studied physics as an undergraduate at Harvard University, studying with some of the top physicists and philosophers in the world, including Nobel Prize winners. He also completed graduate studies in philosophy. He has studied Islam traditionally with respected ulama. He has written nearly 1000 articles on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and Modernity over the past ten years, and has spoken at universities and mosques around the world. He lives with his wife and four children in the US.

Umm Khalid

Senior Instructor

Umm Khalid was born in Egypt but moved to the US at a young age. She completed memorization of the Quran early in life and then attended Harvard University for her undergraduate studies. She studied Anthropology with a regional focus on the Middle East and graduated with honors. She has served as campus chaplain at a women's college in New England while teaching Quranic recitation. Umm Khalid is the mother of four children whom she home schools using a curriculum she personally developed, focusing on Islamic tarbiya and inculcating strong convictions for young children. Umm Khalid offers courses on marriage, youth development, home schooling, tarbiya, and more.


  • What makes Alasna's approach different?

    Many things make Alasna different! For starters, we don't believe in apologizing for, sugar-coating, censoring, or selectively citing the Islamic tradition. Truth is clear from error. The rationality and morality of the Islamic tradition is apparent once you clear away all the sources of doubt clouding people's vision. That is exactly what Alasna is all about.

  • What can I expect when I become a member and subscribe?

    Members receive full access to our Course Library and LIVE Q&A sessions with instructors. Brand new content and lessons are added on a regular basis.

  • How are the courses structured?

    Courses are completely on-demand, so that students can learn at their own pace. Courses are designed to give students maximum impact for their limited time. The most essential information is delivered through engaging video modules. Students then reinforce their learning through course materials, short quizzes, and final exams.

  • How intense are the courses? Will I have enough time to complete them?

    Courses are completely on-demand, which means that you can study at your own pace. That being said, passing our courses requires effort and dedication. Alasna courses are no joke. We take learning very seriously and we want our students to be the best of the best in terms of their abilities to call to and defend Islam.

  • I subscribed but I can't access all the courses?

    Our courses are released on an ongoing basis. Some courses have prerequisites that have to be completed first. Like any advanced curriculum, Alasna's courses build on each other in order to guide the student's journey to mastery. As such, you have to complete beginning level courses before advancing to higher level topics.

  • When are the LIVE sessions?

    LIVE Weekly Halaqas are scheduled weekly. The purpose of live sessions is to give students the opportunity to ask questions and engage with instructors based on the courses they are taking. Those who cannot attend the live sessions can watch the recordings afterwards.

  • How does billing work? Is there financial aid?

    Students can purchase courses individually or subscribe to access the Course Library. There are two subscription options:
    A) $11/month (billed annually)
    B) $19/month (billed month to month)
    Once subscribed, members can take courses offered in the Course Library and attend Weekly Halaqas. New courses and lessons are added on a regular basis.

  • Does Alasna offer certification?

    We are working towards offering certification.

  • Does Alasna offer onsite courses?

    Yes, if you would like to host an onsite Alasna course, contact

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Transform Uncertainty into Conviction

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"When the people of truth are silent about falsehood, the people of falsehood fancy that they are upon the truth."
~ Ali ibn Abi Talib